Play Knick Knax to help Bobo & Kiki on their adventure to find their lost pals.

Knick Knax is finally HERE! Help Bobo and Kiki on their adventure to find their lost pals. Alter the world around you by connecting magnets and platforms to open up new paths and challenges. It’s fun for the whole family!


  • MULTIPLE CHARACTERS! Choose your favorite character to explore and play as.
  • FUN WITH PHYSICS! Have a blast moving and connecting various objects together as you search for solutions to challenging and rewarding puzzles.
  • CREATE AND SHARE! Use the level editor to create your own experience and then share it with others to enjoy.
  • COME ONE, COME ALL! It doesn’t matter how old you are, Knick Knax is meant to be fun regardless of the year you were born. Seriously!

Knick Knax is Terrasect Mobile’s submission for UAT’s Green Light Production class! Originally started as a UAT game jam participant.

Special thanks to all the students of Summer 2015!