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Formed in the spring of 2014, Terrasect Mobile, LLC is the combined vision of John Wisniewski and Jeff Rosenberg. We combine our development abilities with your business goals to create unique mobile applications that will aid you in the promotion and operation of your business.

Terrasect Mobile also has a strong independent game presence, with multiple stand-alone games released in the Mobile and Mobile VR marketplace.

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We at Terrasect will be going dark for a bit as we wrap up working on Wizards 2. So stay tuned! We can't wait for you to get Wizards 2! #AFK ... See MoreSee Less

Earlier this week, we spoke about putting your back against the wall in Wizards 2. Here is a 360 shot of where you will be placed. #SitAndPlay #TechnoViking #WheelChairAccessibleVR ... See MoreSee Less

Last week we showed you what our Walker Boss looked like early on. Here is how he is now! #VR #Mobile #GameDev
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Wow, this is old! A photo of the original Terrasect group. Happy to say that we still work with almost everyone here! #Feels #Throwback ... See MoreSee Less

We want Wizards 2 to be accessible to people, including those not be able to stand. So now your back is to the wall defending your city from the #TechnoViking onslaught. ... See MoreSee Less